Super Face Shield - 25 Bulk Pack
Super Face Shield - 25 Bulk Pack
Super Face Shield - 25 Bulk Pack

Super Face Shield - 25 Bulk Pack

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Single Use Protection Environmentally Responsible 

25 Pack of the Super FACE SHIELD -  Bulk Pack, Shield only

Keep yourself and others protected when in public. This single use face shield is easy to use, effective, low cost and Recyclable!  Great for trips to the market or workers that need to be near each other.  

 Bulk Pack contains:

25 Shields with head bands


  • Break seal to remove contents, fold and tear along perforated edges – 3 sides
  • Wrap head band around your head, for a snug fit. Hold position with fingers, remove liner to expose adhesive and seal.
  • Remove the liner on the face shield to expose the adhesive and attach to the head band. You can align the head band with the folded edges to keep centered.
  • Put on the face shield, put the Sterilizer wipe in your pocket. Put both gloves on, and proceed to the tasks that need to be accomplished.
  • When task is completed, remove the face shield, gloves and dispose. The face shield is RECYCLABLE, pull out and open sterilizer packet and proceed to clean hands.